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July 4th, 2009

Announcement: Coconut Recipe Island

Coconut on a Beach

The Coconut. Its scent brings to mind idyllic memories of sun, sand and azure blue waters–perhaps windsurfing, boating or romancing, perhaps exploring a new and exciting paradise, perhaps just lounging on a beach or poolside with a favorite novel. Its flavor instantly transports one to the exotic Tropics or the mysterious Orient.

There are many more aspects to this delectable nut (actually a seed–the largest on this planet) than most people realize. Aside from its irresistible taste, it is known to have healing properties. Its nutritional qualities are unique and unsurpassed. It has inspired legends, music and artwork.

You’ll find here a wide variety of coconut recipes, from soups to salads to entrees to desserts to soaps. (Yes, soaps!) You’ll find ways to prepare coconut meat, virgin oil, flour, water, milk and cream. And you’ll find all sorts of informative morsels on the extraordinary coconut.

Welcome to Coconut Recipe Island. Enjoy!

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